One Step Permanent Vinyl Repairs With Transparent Tear Aid Vinyl Repair Patches

Tear Aid vinyl repair

There is almost nothing more frustrating than inflating an air mattress, finding a leak, and spending a half hour finding and applying the patch – just to realize that the leak returns the moment you lie down to get some much earned sleep. For $8.99 you can rescue most vinyl items with Tear Aid vinyl patches!

According to the users of Tear Aid, this stuff is amazing. A one step patch that makes effective repairs as simple as putting on a piece of tape! How can you beat that? Among the reviewers, one key factor in getting the most out of this product seems to be proper cleaning, but a bit of rubbing alcohol will typically leave vinyl squeaky clean and ready for repair.

Since these repair patches are also transparent, they won’t be as noticeable as many colored patch products. All you need to make your repair is a sharp pair of scissors to cut your patch to size and the round the corners – and your vinyl toys, mattresses, seat covers and more can be good as new!

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