Energizer Handheld Weatheready 3-LED Crank Light

Energizer Weatheready LED light

Do you want an inexpensive flashlight that’s easy to carry, easy to charge, and doesn’t require new batteries or bulbs?

The Energizer Weatheready 3-LED flashlight ($12) provides ready-to-go light with just a few cranks of the handle.

It’s powered by a non-replaceable NiMH 3.6 V battery and three powerful LEDs that will last the lifetime of the flashlight.

You charge the batteries by cranking on the handle (included). One minute of cranking provides at least three minutes of light (and usually much more, see video below).

Video review of the Energizer Crank Light.

LED Flashlight Best For The Money

Original video by Wingman115


Hi folks, this is Wingman. And today, we’re going to be talking about emergency preparedness. With the power outages on the East Coast, we got bad thunderstorms here on the West Coast, they’re having rolling blackouts. I was at one of the stores today, The Big Box Stores.

And I’m always cruising around the sections looking for items of value that I can add to my emergency preparedness kits, my urban survival kit that I keep in my car, maybe a home bug-out bag or even just something to have in the drawer at the house in case the power goes out. The one item I found today that I wanted to share with you is a crank-out flashlight, and it is the Energizer Weather Ready Flashlight.

All right, folks, we had to come up to the Wingman Studio. It started raining outside. So let’s talk about [inaudible 00:00:59]. As I was cruising around the store and I was looking for items to put in my emergency-preparedness-kit, my bug-out bag or my USK, my urban survival kit that I keep in my car. When I came across this, I thought, “hey this is a great idea.

Now, the cost that I paid for this was $10.88 at Wal-Mart. You can find them online for like, 8.88 up to 13 or 14 bucks. I feel for 10.88 this is a pretty good value. One, the battery pack in this. It runs off of nickel-metal hydride batteries. Two, let me turn it on. It has three LEDs. Now, I went online and I tried to find the specs on this light. It’s going to be tough, talking about a $10 flashlight here.

But it claims that it has three white niche LEDs, and I’m pretty sure that these LEDs will outlast this flashlight by far. Now how this flashlight powers is that it has a crank on the side. And you can crank this either clockwise or counter-clockwise, and they claim that you crank it for one minute and it gives you three minutes of light. Now like all guys, I got home and I sat here and I cranked it for one minute and then I set it down and I timed it. And I wanted to see how long it would last with light output until it went dead. Well, I went 15 minutes and it still has light output.

So, we’re going to do some long-term testing on this to see. But what we’ll do is we’ll cut away in a moment, we’ll dim the lights in here and then I’ll show you what throw the light gives. Now the dimensions on this light… let me put the handle back in there real quick. You have to forgive me I’m trying to do this through the tri-pod… is, I have a carabineer in the back so that makes it nice if kids have a backpack or you’re putting it on your belt loop, it’s something to clip onto. You don’t have to set it down and forget it.

The dimensions of the light are 5.25 inches long, 2.25 inches wide, and an inch and three-eighths thick. So it fits in the hand pretty good. I mean it’s really ergonomic. When I first saw it, I was thinking, “oh, the handle’s going to get in the way” but as I’m holding it, no, the handle doesn’t get in the way. And if I had to, I could walk along with it in my hand like this. Now, some of the applications that I would use this with: maybe I’m going camping with kids and I don’t want the kids to burn up all my flashlight batteries.

Hey, I was a kid too and we all know that we ran dad’s flashlight battery down. With this, all you just do is just sit there and crank it up for a minute and then they’ve got, what they claim is three minutes of usable light. So camping, I could see this. You could put this in maybe your tackle box for fishing. If you’re a hunter, you could put it maybe in your truck. I don’t know if I’d want to carry it in my backpack because it does weigh 111 grams total.

But, I would definitely leave this on the nightstand. I have senior citizens in the house. I bought a couple for them so they can put them on their nightstands. You never know when you have a rolling blackout or a storm comes in and kills the power, whether it’s winter or summertime and you need to get out of the house or you need to find things.

So I think, for the money, 10.88 that I paid, the features that are on there, this is a pretty good value. And I mean, at that price you can buy quite a few of them, and everybody in the family can have one. You never know when disaster is going to strike. I would definitely put one in every car.

I currently have a flashlight in my urban survival kit and I’ll leave a link down below in the description of what I carry in that backpack in my car and it’s getting hot, cold, hot, cold all the time. It’s getting bounced around in the trunk of my car, there’s a good odds that the light may have turned on and the batteries are dead who knows. I carry spare batteries but with my luck and Murphy’s law, there’s a pretty good chance that when I need it the flashlight may not work.

At least with this, there’s never a 100% chance of anything but I’m pretty sure that this would be in the high 90s that if I used it, it would work. So with that, let’s cut away. We’ll dim the lights. We’ll draw the shades. Let’s show you what this baby can do and then we’ll come back and talk about it.

Okay, we have the lights dimmed, the shades drawn, Katie bar the door and let’s get this test underway. All right, we’ll wait for the camera to focus. There we go. So, as you can see, it throws out a pretty good, intense beam of light. It has some artifacts and a ring around it but I would definitely expect that with a $10 flashlight. I mean, it looks really well and like I said, I ran this light for at least 15 minutes and I still had usable, workable light. So let’s cut away and let’s go back to the Wingman studio and we’ll wrap up this video.

So we did our test. We talked about the specs. We talked about the philosophy of use of this light. With all that said, we have to remember that it’s a $10 flashlight. Now, for the value of what you get with this, I have to give it five stars. When we think of the applications that this light can be used for and the fact that I never have to buy batteries for it, we’ll do a durability test, we’ll try it for six months, we’ll see how the crank mechanism holds up? How the little generator that charges the battery holds up and maybe even how the batteries work?

I’m going to be doing a camping trip here soon. I can bring it along and we’ll do some durability tests on it. But just a backyard review, here in the house playing around, I have to give it a thumbs up. It’s something that you can use and it’s only limited by your imagination. So this would be an item that if you’re on a budget and you’re trying to stretch things and times are tough right now… I bought three or four of these and everybody in the family’s going to have one and I’m even thinking about going back and grabbing a couple more just to put in our cars.

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