Conntek Cruiser 30 Amp Detachable Power Supply Cord For RVs

Conntek Cruiser Power Cord 30 A

One of the greatest hazards at an RV park occurs when you plug your RV into shore power.

Besides using a portable surge guard, a high quality power supply cord will minimize the possibility of an electrical fire or a hot skin condition on your RV.

The Conntek Cruiser Power Supply Cord ($80) comes in 25 or 30 foot long versions, and uses a standard NEMA TT-30 fitting, but with an improved design.

A larger surface area inside the plug allows for a better electrical contact between the shore power pedestal and the power supply cord.

Better electrical contact reduces arcing and heat buildup, and helps prevents a fire from occurring.

A small blue LED light on each end of the cord alerts you when power is flowing through the cable.

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