Why Everything But? Bring the Kitchen Sink!

If you are the outdoorsy type you likely have multiple versions of the canteen, and probably a kettle or two.

But where do you put these things when it’s time to wash up?

You’ll need a container large enough to fit your biggest dish for proper washing, and stout enough to survive hot, soapy water.

If you travel in a traditional RV, or even in a decently equipped pop up camper you may already have a kitchen sink, complete with running water. If not, you’ll need to pack one.

Sure a five gallon bucket will work, but where will you pack it when not in use? The biggest problem with buckets, is their size.

With the Sea to Summit, you get 5 to 20 liters of waterproof capacity in a sink that will fit in your pocket once collapsed. Comes with its own zippered pouch for easy carrying. Can be used for dishes, as a sink for personal hygiene, or for washing clothes.

BUY NOW / $20-60