360 Siphon Holding Tank Fume Extractor

RV waste tank fume extractorDo you have a waste tank fume problem in your RV?

Have you searched unsuccessfully for a way to reduce or prevent holding tank fumes from entering your RV’s living spaces?

Are you tired of paying for expensive waste tank chemicals that don’t reduce odor?

The 360 Siphon RV Fume Extractor ($28) will finally let you camp without the stench.

How the 360 Siphon Holding Tank Fume Extractor Works

Most exhaust stacks have open ends, allowing wind turbulence to push fumes back down the pipe, and into your RV’s holding tanks. You can guess the result…fumes that back up into your camper’s bathroom and living spaces.

The patented 360 Siphon installs on the roof of your RV’s holding tank vent pipe, replacing your current vent cover. It creates a constant draw of air out the exhaust pipe, preventing any fume backdraft and saving your nose from some terribly awful stink.

Don’t worry if you can’t access the top of your holding tank though, as this vent will work properly even if it’s mounted sideways.

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